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February 2018
Technical Reference - Diagnostic Fault Codes G2V2 
Issue with accessing G2V2 diagnostic fault code list resolved 2/15/18.

January 2018
Diagnostic Instructions for Plug-In Charge Issues for G2V3 and G2V4 
See Technical Reference > Diagnostics, for new troubleshooting guide for G2V3 and G2V4 plug-in charge issues. The G2V2 guide is also available at this location.

Raptor Cal Diagnostic Software Release b661
See Software > Raptor Cal Instructions, for information on how to verify your current version and if needed, update to the latest Raptor Cal software.

December 2017
Valeo Charger Retro Fit Instructions & Wiring Reference Documents
See Technical Reference > Procedures, for instructions on how to replace a G2V2 or G2V3 Current Ways Charger with a Valeo Charger.  New PDM Relay and Metric Bolt Torque reference documents appear under Technical Reference > Wiring Diagrams & Other Documents